Though the travel to Ecuador was an adventure in itself, it was a pretty boring adventure compared to arriving in this South American country.  The best part of Travel Day was meeting “Papa” Ron Cropper in the airport. He is a high-energy dynamo of laughter and joy, talking with everyone around him.  We have a lot in common with him, as he just turned 65 and is also spending a month in Ecuador to see if he might like to retire here one day. We will meet up with him again later in our journey.

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On this rainy morning, we rose early and began preparing our house to vacate it for a month. Our housesitter is already partially moved in. The dog and cat are mournful and anxious.  So are we, looking at their big sad eyes! 
We fly today to Ecuador. Home of Galapagos turtles,  headhunters, Andean shamans,  beautiful music, festive parades, affordable dentists, and one of our best friends.   

The month-long adventure will be chronicled in photos and writing here.  You see links from the site “Transition Concierge International”, where they hired me as a travel writer for this journey. 

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~ Bonnie & Gary ~